Character Casting

This page takes our favorite fictional characters to the big screen by choosing who would be the best actors/actresses to play them.

Character Casting For: Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Caleb Becker: Caleb Becker is like the boy next door (literally). He's a bad boy with a heart that all the girls want. When you think of Caleb you think of a sweet guy who needs to learn how to hold back his aggressions. I think Liam Hemsworth would be perfect for this role because, he's got that "it" look to him that makes girls go crazy and after watching "The Last Song" I think he could easily take on a deep/dark role like this. He makes his characters come to we all know from seeing him play Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games.

Maggie Armstrong: Maddie Armstrong was always teetering on the edge of being popular and being dork-ish. When she get's run over by Caleb (or so she thinks that's who ran her over) she becomes a complete loner. When Caleb returns back from juvy, there is this undeniable chemistry between them that keeps you flipping pages wanting to know more. There relationship is real. It's not butterflies and sunshine all the time...they go through a lot to prove that it is a love worth fighting for. I think that Lucy Hale would be the best actress for this role because she comes off as somewhat innocent. Her dramatic role in Pretty Little Liars shows she is more than just a skillful actress.

I could see great potential chemistry between these two young performers.

Mrs. Reynolds: Mrs. Reynolds is quirky and keeps readers laughing when times get tough between Caleb and Maggie. She is the one who reunites these two love-struck teenagers by indirectly revealing the truth of what really happened the night Caleb hit Maggie while driving drunk. For Mrs. Reynolds' character you would need a dream grandma; someone who is likable with a good sense of humor. The best choice for this would be Betty White. How could anyone dislike her?

Leah Becker: We all know Leah Becker as the dark and somewhat twisted twin sister of Caleb Becker. She has never been the same since "the accident". Posters of skull bones cover her bedroom walls and she is covered from head to toe in black. I think the perfect actress to play this part would be Taylor Momsen. She presents herself with that same "darkness" and "edgy-ness" as Leah. She could easily die her hair black to fit the role.

Who do you think would make the best Caleb and Maggie? Comment below and give us your feedback!:)

Character Casting For: Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Courtney:  Courtney is madly in love with her boyfriend, Jordan. So when he leaves her for a girl he met online, she is left shocked and disappointed just as any young girl in love would be. Unfortunately, she is still forced to drive cross-country with him to attend their college orientation. Trying to avoid her true feelings for him became difficult as the drive went on. Emma Roberts would make a great "Courtney" because first off, she is very likable and someone we wouldn't want to see get hurt. Secondly, her roles in Aquamarine and Valentine's Day prove to us that she can keep us laughing and still make us cry.

In the beginning, as readers, we are upset with Jordan. He's the school "hottie" and you almost feel like YOU were the one he dumped. How could he leave Courtney for some random girl he met online? It didn't make any sense. But, as the story goes on we find out that Jordan knows some of Courtney's family secrets, ones that she isn't even aware of yet. As these secrets are revealed, we begin to sympathize with him, in hopes that the truth will come out and their love will be rekindled. Mark Salling would make a great Jordan because he's got that hot, jock look that everyone expects Jordan to have. In the series, Glee, he is known as the bad boy who sleeps around but he has a softer side that a lot of people don't see. This is similar to Jordan's character in that, before Courtney he hangs out with a group that we would consider to be "popular" and dates only the sleazes of the school. Courtney brings out a different side of him.


Courtney's Father: Courtney doesn't realize that her dad has been fooling around on her mom, but Jordan sure does. After Joran walks in on Courtney's dad and his mom hooking up, nothing was the same. Her father is creepy and conniving, trying to constantly intimidate Jordan because he's the only one that knows the truth. He is a very unlikable person, someone who we want to see get busted. The PERFECT actor to play Courtney's dad would be Kevin Spacey. We know from his role in American Beauty, that he can play a disloyal husband and quirky father. In, his role in Horrible Bosses, we also see his crazy, devilish side come out of him by trying to intimidate Jason Bateman's character.

Who do YOU think would make the best Courtney and Jordan? Comment below and give us your feedback!:)

Character Casting For: Forget You by Jennifer Echols 

Zoey: Things were going easy for Zoey until her father left her mother for the 24-year old girl he got pregnant. From there, everything went spiraling down! Her mother attempted suicide and was admitted to a mental home leaving Zoey bunking at her father's. Zoey was raised being taught to never expose her true emotions; as long as she puts on a smile for the crowd, everything will be all good. Zoey is hit with a whirlwind of confusion; her mother is gone crazy, her dad is expecting a child with a girl just a few years older than her, and a terrible car accident leaves her questioning if she's meant to be with Brandon or Doug. I think AJ Michalka would play a great Zoey. I'd like to see her and her sister more in movies because they've always been great actors especially in movies in which they worked together. I've seen her play dramatic roles like this in films such as The Lovely Bones.

Doug: Doug has been through a lot and people perceive him as something he is not. He and Zoey have a past together and history is about to repeat itself. Doug is a troubled, teenage boy who has had to deal with juvy, his mom's death, and a strict father. When he and Zoey get in a car accident that leaves her with Amnesia, he has to get through the frustration of Zoey's own confusion of not knowing to which boy to love. Doug is mysterious and, like most teenage guys, can be an ass at times. But he has a deep and sensitive side that you can't help but fall in love with. The way Echols had described him in this story, left me pining for a guy that resembled him; his green eyes and tan skin are a perfect combination of hotness. I thought for a while about who, in my mind, really reminded me of him. This person had to look like they could almost have some Asian in them just like Doug and then it hit me...Tyler Posey! He's fierce, hot, and athletic looking like the image of Doug had formed in my mind. 

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