Review Policies

Reading is just as important to me as writing! I love to see what other writer's have to bring to the table through their unique styles of writing. No two writers will EVER write the same.

Here is my review policy:

*If you couldn't tell from the name of my blog, I read/write YOUNG ADULT books. I especially love reading young adult romance (with a little drama and original humor). 

*I rate books out of five stars in three different categories. 
Plot (the storyline)
Grammar/Spelling (correct use of grammar and spelling rules)
Creativity/Style (how far they let their imagination run and the way they used their own style of writing to tell the story)

1 Star = Not that fond of it.
2 Stars = Somewhat ok.
3 Stars = Decent.
4 Stars = Really good.
5 Stars = So incredible I would read it again. 

*I am always brutally honest about the books I review in order to benefit the writers. Constructive criticism goes a long way. 

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